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The road to a solution starts with a story.

What is your story?

Menchero Creative Consulting partners with

public media organizations, content creators, and nonprofits to identify, develop, and define stories of impact.

Whether those stories are centered in media, the community, or an organization, Menchero Creative Consulting can help clients tell their stories and find solutions.

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Sumner Menchero brings over two decades of storytelling experience, a creative spirit, strong communication skills, and an authentic leadership style to her partnerships with clients. She thinks outside the box when resources are slim and loves to play in the sandbox when there is no limit on ideas. She is a former athlete who thrives on the power of great teamwork and a person who is always willing to roll up her sleeves to partner with clients on their next big project.

During her tenure at PBS, Sumner collaborated with producers, funders, and stakeholders to develop and deliver on high-quality content. Titles in her portfolio included Finding Your Roots, Genealogy Roadshow, Native America, and the Emmy Award-winning documentary, A Year in Space. She partnered with PBS stations around the country on community engagement initiatives such as The Great American Read and RetroReport on PBS. She worked closely with executive leadership at PBS on matters related to strategy, operations, and human resources. She is well-regarded as a thought partner, a leader, and a trusted teammate.

Sumner is a mom, a baseball fan, a coffee-lover, and a shutterbug who can't resist a magic hour photo. She holds a B.A. in History from Hollins University and an M.A. in Film & Television from American University. She received a Graduate Certificate in Leadership from the University of Virginia in Spring 2023.


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Provide feedback for nonfiction, multiplatform projects and advise on editorial guidelines.

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Write, revise, and

advise on treatments, proposals, initiatives, grant/funding proposals, and social media messaging.



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Advise on strategy and execution of community engagement and outreach initiatives.

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Consult on management, recruitment, and organizational leadership strategies.

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Menchero Creative Consulting


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